Good Health Tips part 2

Health tips 4. Fast 2 times a month Have you ever noticed that sometimes you do not feel like eating, no matter how good the victory. Our boss goes through a special cycle every 40 to 48 days. It consists of 3 days in which our nutrition does not require any food. You may have… Read More »

Good health tips

Good health tips In this mundane life we all keep busy with our work. Nobody has enough time to think about their health. In such a situation people start falling ill and do not feel any energy inside themselves. By making some minor changes in your routine, you can lead a healthy and happy life.… Read More »

7 eating habits that make you healthy Part 2

Chew the food appropriately This makes stomach work easier while digesting food. This makes me saliva present well in food, saliva contains digestive enzymes which aid in digestion of food. The more saliva you get in food, the better your digestion will be. Drink enough water About 60.00% of the human body is made up… Read More »

7 eating habits that make you healthy

4 eating habits that make you healthy Taking food at regular intervals: The most important aspect of the diet is to plan the diet according to your goals. When planning a diet, it should be noted that instead of consuming heavy meals once a day, we should take it as small meals – such as… Read More »