Forearm exercises for women with dumbbells at home List

Forearm exercises for women with dumbbells at home: List
Would a woman be better suited to the toned sports figure? That is the adoring vision of rivals. But the slim figure is not given at all from birth, these people are just lucky, and their units. Most have to work on their own. And this process can be systematic and, if you will, need a scientific approach. Today we talk about what would be the most effective and economical, like exercise for the forearms for women, so as not to resort to spending big money to purchase membership for a fitness club.

General tips
Beautiful, no trace of sagging skin on the hands will make you not only a confident and attractive in the eyes of others, but sometimes it helps to hide true age. All you need is love for yourself, and therefore, good, perseverance and patience to see, as you know, an hour of training to get unreal fitter, because there is a minimum of desire, and sports equipment. Forearm exercises with dumbbells are considered basic to deliver muscle tone hands.
At the time of your workout it is not necessary for this to be logged on a lot. Generally 30–45 minutes three sessions per week would suffice. Thus, for yourself it is necessary to carve out no more than three hours per week (all cooked). Agreed, you can do all this.

A bit of anatomy
Take a tour of the initial knowledge of biology to get started. Hand – a top and main parts of the human body, endowed with the capture function. The bone skeleton arm (without details) includes a shoulder joint, forearm and wrist. But the muscular system resembles a layer cake and consists of a front group of muscles, which, in simple terms, is responsible for flexing the back of regulating the extension of the arm and elbow.

Location muscles
The fishes located a group of muscles, or, if we take the Latin transcription, in the front of the biceps, it is large, so it stands well out from under the skin. It is this muscle, we can bend the arm at the elbow.
With the help of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the forearm, get more relief and can enhance the beauty of your hands. The back group is the triceps muscle, the triceps. It consists of three chords, or heads (long, lateral, medial). The triceps allow our hands to straighten and withdraw it and give it back to the body. This is why exercise is very important for the forearm.

Some differences
Knowledge of the anatomy of a small snack now touches on the subject of sports equipment – dumbbells. Remember about exercise, and restrictions for using forearm dumbbells at home: the need to specify immediately.

Power load is contraindicated in pregnant women with hypertensive patients who have heart disease, there are restrictions in some diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, for your own peace of mind we recommend, before you enter your exercise power load, consult your doctor if you need it.
Choice of equipment and results
Those who have any contraindications to exercise forearm, buy dumbbells first give mild advice. Your weight will depend on the goal that you set for yourself. For example, option number one: if you want to lose weight and improve muscle tone, – not more than one kilogram then sports equipment weight.
In case each exercise is to be repeated ten to fifteen times and will make at least three or four approaches. Do not give between sets a lot of rest.

Option two: You just do not want to tighten the muscles, and the task is to increase your weight, so choose three kilogram dumbbells. In this case, the repetitions will be from eight to ten, and the number of approaches can be omitted the same. Remember that the load your body needs to be increased slowly and carefully, in this case it does not need to be excessive. And whenever the important thing when choosing a shell, you should pay attention – if you want to keep it in your hands, do not feel uncomfortable there.

Proper nutrition
Think about diet even before the start of their training. Inadequate amount of carbohydrates, protein or vitamins, will reduce your efforts to zero exercise, making the forearm ineffective.
Protein – the basic building component of muscle cells. Its a lot of egg, cheese, fish. Carbohydrates – Sources of energy. They get our body from grains, vegetables and fruits. Do not let your body go hungry and thirsty. More than two liters per day of clean water – is ideal.

But try to avoid fatty foods. The fat ratio in daily food intake should not exceed fifteen percent. Food should be more than four throughout the day. It is better to eat two hours before occupation, avoiding eating before a workout can be an hour. Satisfy your hungry milk products can be fermented.

Exercises for fish and forearms: list
To begin, let us give an example without dumbbells.

Exercises for the forearms at home…But the wound behind the lean palms. We descend to the floor and climb onto the hands of the chair seat. Repeat the exercise can be up to 20 times.

Trishisk strengthening following exercise. Starting position – you need legs together (mermaid take posture), bent, back straight knees you lie on your right side, his left hand wound behind his head, the rules remain reference. At the same time lower body by bending to support the arm at the elbow. The first exercise is repeated up to 20 times. The support arm turns.

The third exercise will help relieve sagging skin on the hands. It looks like a push. The difference is that in addition to this should be done with knees bent, hands placed shoulder width and body bend at the elbow. 10 repetitions – 20 seconds and can rest. All 10 sets performed.

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