7 eating habits that make you healthy Part 2

By | November 30, 2019
  1. Chew the food appropriately
    This makes stomach work easier while digesting food. This makes me saliva present well in food, saliva contains digestive enzymes which aid in digestion of food. The more saliva you get in food, the better your digestion will be.
  2. Drink enough water
    About 60.00% of the human body is made up of water. Water is an important mineral. Water is everywhere in the body – brain, heart, lungs, blood, kidneys, skin etc. Water reaches the nutrients and minerals in different parts of the body. It makes the skin shiny and radiant. Water excretes harmful substances from the body through urine.

Water also maintains body temperature. Therefore, we should take 8–10 glasses of water (2-3 liters) per day. If you have constipation problem, then you should consume 1-2 glasses of hot water on an empty stomach in the morning. This technique has many benefits.

  1. Eating raw vegetables (salads) and fruits
    Raw vegetables and fruits are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. There is a lack of nutrients and minerals in our diet. Cooking for a long time on a high flame destroys most of the vitamins present in the food. Therefore, we should supply them through raw vegetables, salads and fruits etc.

Raw vegetables, salads etc. contain fiber which is especially beneficial for those who have constipation problem. Must eat at least one bowl salad daily.

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