Good Health Tips part 2

By | November 30, 2019

Health tips 4. Fast 2 times a month

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you do not feel like eating, no matter how good the victory. Our boss goes through a special cycle every 40 to 48 days. It consists of 3 days in which our nutrition does not require any food. You may have noticed that animals sometimes eat nothing or eat very little throughout the day. Do not eat like this when we do not have the mind to eat while engaged. It varies according to everyone’s doctors. Recognize this time and day and fast after about 14 – 15 days. This will reduce your weight and you will remain disease free. Before fasting, you also have to keep in mind that you eat the right amount, only you should bring the idea of fasting in mind.

Health tips 5. Sit like this

What you know is that what you consider to be a rest is a condition of discomfort for your internal organs. The external organs of our nutrition are mostly in the stomach and chest. These limbs hang in a sieve-like structure. When we move or relax, the internal organs are pressurized. Take care of internal parts with you and make a habit of making straight bone and spine.

Health tips 6. Playing games is important

No matter how big you are, but it is very important to play the game. Any game played outside the house, which has to be hardened, is nothing short of nectar for your body. When you play the game, you are not able to keep the big tenson in your mind for long, because you concentrate all your attention while playing the game. If you stay for 5-10 minutes without any tenson, then it affects your health a lot.

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