Here are 5 easy tips to make things fast.

By | November 4, 2019

Here are 5 easy tips to make things fast!
Often men want to make muscles fast. For this, they adopt many measures but sadly, they have not been able to succeed. The biggest reason for this lack of information. Going to the gym to make muscles is not enough. For this, you should live a healthy lifestyle with the right food and drink. We have brought some easy tips for some such men who want to become muscle fast.
Gym schedule
If you want, you can go to the gym four or five days a week. Exercise as told by your trainer, but keep in mind that you will not be able to do much exercise in a day. It will take some time. Exercise properly to keep the body warm. In any case, do not go beyond 25 sets in total. Due to the cold, people often start doing over-exercise. It should be avoided.

Crunch exercise
Lying on the floor, while breathing in, lift the upper part of the body (shoulder) partially so that you can feel that the lift is done by the abdominal muscles. Hands can be placed on the chest for this exercise. This exercise should be done 10-12 times every 6 seconds with the shoulder raised state and every 6 seconds resting state 5 days a week. Keeping the hands behind the head puts a lot of weight on the waist and in the initial stage, there can be early fatigue and back pain.

Sit ups
Laying on the floor, bend the legs from the knees, place the claws on the floor. Put the hands behind the head or on the chest and try to bring the upper part of the body from the shoulders along the waist to the knees. In this way, the abdominal muscles will work with their full strength and they will have the power. Each sit-up should start by taking in the breath and exhale and go back to the previous state of relaxation. In practice, a medicine ball or other weight can be placed on the chest for sit-ups.

Leg lift
While lying on the floor, keep the feet straight and hands on both sides of the body. Raise the legs straight together and bring them straight up to the waist at a 90 degree angle without turning from the knees, hold it for 6 to 10 seconds, return to the former state of relaxation. Constantly doing this exercise provides the necessary strength to the lower abdomen along with the leg muscles.

How should be the diet
To make the muscles, you must include the sources of protein in the food. Milk, eggs, bananas, non-veg, cheese etc. can be consumed. You can have tea or milk for breakfast in the morning, two pieces of bread with cheese, a glass of milk with four egg omelets. A glass of fruit juice, a cup of dry fruits, can be eaten before the midday meal. Eat chapatis, thick pulse, vegetables, rice, a cup of yogurt and salad in lunch. In the evening breakfast, a vegetable sandwich or two idlis with chutney sambar. At dinner, 4 chapatis or 3 parathas, 2 bowl of dal or paneer vegetable or 100 grams of meat or fish, one bowl of vegetable. Take a glass of milk at bedtime.

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