Pain in right side of abdomen

By | November 4, 2019

Internal pain can be very varied and can be caused by a variety of causes. Below we will try to consider the most common causes of pain in the right side of the abdomen.

In the upper right of the abdominal pain
The liver, stomach bladder, pancreas, intestine, and diaphragm are located in this area. Any organ can cause illness or injury. However, depending on the type and nature of the pain, it can be considered which part causes discomfort.

Pain in the liver

Liver pain most often with a feeling of constant, abdominal cramping. Pain can be attributed to the neck, right behind the shoulder blade. Burgers can be seen with the smell of rotten eggs, feces, indigestion.

Patblader’s Disease

Usually they develop slowly. Prior to the attack, lack of health, painting, gas, could be carried forward as well. The pain is intense, constantly increasing, nausea and increased sweating are seen.

Often, the cause of pain in the bladder is polylactitis, which causes stones to diffuse and obstruction of the jaundice. It focuses physically In this case, the pain is sharp, stabbing, movement.


It is an incurable disease of the pancreas. With acute pancreatitis, severe pain has been observed not only in the right abdomen, but also in the back area. At the same time, if the patient is lying down, the pain is accelerated and if it sits, it weakens. An attack of pancreatitis can lead to nausea, vomiting, severe sweating, although no increase in body temperature.

Lung infection results

In some cases, due to pneumonia, it can spread to the membranes and part of the intestine. The appearance of such pain always begins with a respiratory illness In such cases the pain is not sharp, overwhelming, it is impossible to find the place where the pain is.


At the early stages of development, before the onset of the skin rash, the only symptom of the disease may be pain in certain areas of the body. First of all, there may be an numbness, an itching, which later leads to severe pain. The wounds are usually dangerous, with fever.

Pain on the bottom right
The lower part of the pain in the right side may also include the anterior environment, diseases of the intestines, and diseases of the urinary and reproductive system.


Probably inflammatory bowel system of the large intestine. This is the most common cause of pain in the area, always the first. If the pain is clearly localized, it is delivered to the vein and remains for a long time without falling enough at the same time, it is appendicitis. If you do not take measures, the appendicitis can swell and break out, in which case the pain on the right will become more widespread and very intense, with an increase in body temperature.

Intestinal diseases

Stomach pain
The cause of the pain can be infection, inflammation, invasion of nerves, ulcerative colitis and can be either mental or severe.

Kidney disease

Directly on the pain side and back of kidney disease or other kidney disease. However, with urolithiasis, if the stone comes out of the kidney, when it goes away with the urethra, severe shock pain may also be seen, which sends the stomach to the abdomen, to the abdomen, to the back.

Gynecological problems

In women, acute acute pain in the lower abdomen, whether left or right, can result in an ectopic pregnancy resulting in a decline of the fallopian tube. Another type of pain may indicate inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

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