These 12 rules of body fitness will keep your body fit and strong.

By | November 4, 2019

These 12 rules of body fitness will keep your body fit and strong
Have you recently started walking or jogging? Are you going to your city gym for the first time? If yes, there are some rules to be followed before starting any exercise. We are telling you some useful things, through which not only will you remain fit but you will also get the full benefit of exercise.

  1. Get the checkup done
    Be sure to visit a doctor and do your full body checkup before exercising. Understand the needs of your body and start accordingly.
  2. Gym choice
    If you want to join a gym to stay healthy and fit, then find a gym around your home where there is a professional trainer. Interact with other people doing workouts there and get feedback. Keep in mind, the atmosphere and location of the gym also matters, only then you will feel comfortable there.
  3. Have muscles strong
    Do not lift heavy weights in the initial stages. First start with a weight of one kg, gradually increase the weight of dumbbells. Always follow the trainer’s instructions for this. It is also important to avoid muscle injury. Exercise becomes easier once the muscles become strong.
  4. Training Partner
    If there is a partner during exercise or walk, then it gives inspiration and the body also gets quick benefits. There is no hurry to feel tired if there is a company, as well as the opportunity to compare oneself.
  5. Understand the changes
    If you are starting a workout routine, then it is also important to pay attention to the small changes that occur in your body, only then it will help to improve further. Initially, exercise for less time three or four days a week. After this gradually increase the frequency and do workouts for five days a week. It is also necessary to give rest to the body for one or two days in H $ F Do not exhaust your body too much by getting excited.
  6. Stretching is important
    Do gym workouts or outdoor walking or running, along with 20 minutes of stretching at home. This will strengthen the muscles and bring flexibility in the body.
  7. Deep Breathing
    Breathing exercise is very beneficial for the body. Do at least 5-10 minutes of pranayam daily. This will give more benefit of exercise.
  8. Have a good sleep
    Apart from workouts, good sleep is also necessary to stay fit. Get at least 7 hours of good sleep. For this, sleep on time at night and avoid heavy food and use of technology before bed.

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  1. Eat balanced
    Workout is not beneficial unless you take a diet that is suited to the body. Understand the needs of your body and if necessary find a diet chart from a dietician.
  2. Warm up
    Warm up your body before starting any exercise. This does not bring sudden pressure on the body and provides the necessary energy for workouts.
  3. Change Required
    Do not always exercise the same. Try something new everyday, only then the body will get complete benefits. Some yoga exercises such as squats, dead lift, bench press, military press and dumbbell crying strengthen muscles.
  4. Drink plenty of water
    Drink water before or after exercise. This will prevent dehydration, as well as reduce fatigue from workouts.

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